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Last Updated: Jul 10, 2015 05:55PM BST
This page is for people seeking additional technical information, either to help them setup Daddy Analytics, or for their own curiosity of how it works. 

The information and documents below are of technical nature, so be warned!

Every time a user visits a page, a token is generated. The token is a unix timestamp with milliseconds followed by a 5-7 digit random number. Looks like this: 1367435409341-8726588
Every page visited, this number is pushed into our analytics tracking software, against the user id and session id.
However, when the visitor submits a form, the token enters salesforce as DA Token. Upon Lead creation (and every 15 minutes until the sync occurs) Daddy Analytics apex code on Salesforce polls our analytics server, basically saying, 'give me all the info on the web visitor with this token'. From that, all the information is pulled back into Salesforce on that Lead.
The DA Web to Lead URL is kind of a bonus field - it's not always needed, but between mirrors, query strings, and what not, we also provide Salesforce the full URL (up to 255 characters) of the page the form was submitted on, through javascript and a hidden field. It's not really that special, just helps with reports, etc. Daddy Analytics would run fine without it, though users would want this info for some reports.

Some of our customers occasionally want a slide deck to show the data flow, for security reviews and other reasons. Please find attached a PDF showing the basic data flow.

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