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Why are the DA Campaign fields Blank?

Last Updated: Sep 11, 2013 06:42PM BST
When you first start using Daddy Analytics, chances are the five DA Campaign fields will be blank. This is normal - populating these requires you to change the links pointing to your website.

But, keep in mind, the five DA Campaign fields will always be blank when you can't control the URL, such as Organic Search, or when someone links to your website and you can't ask them to change the URL to something specific. This is OK - often that information will be captured with the Came From field.

Understanding the five DA Campaign fields is easiest when you approach it in reverse. In order for those fields to be populated, a visitor had to click a special link to your website and fill out a form. So you need to provide that visitor with the special link (be it for an affiliate link, a link on Adwords / LinkedIn / etc., or any other link you can control). You need to create that special link using a tool like Daddy Analytics' Super URL Builder or Google's URL Builder (both produce the same results, but our tool is pre-populated for Adwords, Bing Ads and Yahoo Ads).

If you provide the tool with the page you want your visitors to land on, and five values, it will produce a URL that, when clicked by a visitor who fills in a form, then the five values you provided to the tool will appear in the five DA Campaign fields.

To review how this works,
  1. You give the tool five values and a landing page, and generate a link.
  2. You put that link on the web somewhere (maybe in Google Adwords, maybe you give that to your affiliates, maybe you use that on a SSL Secure page that points to your non-SSL insecure site)
  3. A prospect clicks that link, arriving at your website to a URL that contains the utm_* campaign variables
  4. Daddy Analytics records these campaign variables against your visitor (so does Google Analytics)
  5. If that prospect fills in a form, than we populate the five DA Campaign fields with the values you gave the tool when generating the link.
  6. [optional] You can run reports and dashboards on the Leads that come in through your web forms and measure your effective Lead Sources and ROI.

Common Questions

People often ask these questions, so it's helpful to clarify the following information:

Do I have to do anything on the Landing Page?

You don't have to do anything to your landing page. In fact, you can use any page on your website as a landing page, even if it doesn't have a form on it. Daddy Analytics will remember the five values when they land on your site, and even if your visitor browses to 20 pages and fills out a form, we'll provide you with those five values. As long as every page on your site has our tracking cookie, and your forms have two hidden fields in them, this will work.

What about Organic Search?

You can't do this for Google Organic Search, or any other organic search. You also can't do this if an organization or site links to you but doesn't have an interest in helping. If CNN or a major newspaper links to your site, good luck calling them and asking them to tag your links. It's not going to happen. In this case, you will usually know that your leads came from these sites because that information is often captured in the Came From field (though not always, read here for a technical reason why it won't always work).

Do I need to use all Five fields, or can I just use Some?

Sure, you can use 1, 5, or any number of the fields. Sometimes all you can do is use the Name, Source and Medium. Other times you might want to use Campaign Content to track different ads. If you have a dozen ads on LinkedIn in a single campaign, you can see which Ad test is working the best. But other times all you need is a few (we recommend, at minimum, Name, Source, and Medium).

Can this help me understand my Web Stats better?

Tagging your incoming URL's will help you understand your web stats in general, not just through Daddy Analytics. We use the same format as does Google Analytics, and many other web analytics tools. So you can use Google Analytics to see where your visitors are coming from based on the tagged URL's, and Daddy Analytics to see where your Leads and Revenue is coming from.

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