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Hubspot - Form Setup Instructions

Last Updated: Dec 10, 2013 11:31AM GMT
The instructions below will help you setup Daddy Analytics and Hubspot together.

We presume that
  • you have successfully setup the integration between Hubspot and Salesforce
  • Daddy Analytics has been installed
  • you have entered your URL on the Daddy Analytics Setup Checklist
  • you are using a hubpot hosted page, which is usually at a subdomain of your website, but not the same exact domain (a hubspot domain might be
  • if you are using a hubspot temporary domain ( you have added this to your "additional domains" in the Daddy Analytics Setup Checklist page.

Create Two Fields in Hubspot

In Hubspot, go to Contacts > Contacts Settings, and make two new fields by clicking "Create Property".

The two fields should have the labels 'DA Token' and 'DA Form Filled URL'. A screenshot of the DA Token field is below.

Map Those Two Fields to Salesforce Lead Fields

You will find the Salesforce field mappings in Contacts > Contacts Settings > Salesforce Connector > Contact Field Mappings.

Map the Salesforce field daddyanalytics__da_token__c to DA Token.

Also, map daddyanalytics__da_web_to_lead_url__c to DA Form Filled URL.

Use Those Two fields in a Form

These two fields should be put into a form. We recommend starting with a test form.

They should be set as hidden fields. The value should be blank, and the field should not be required or a 'smart' field.

Copy the Tracking Code to every Hubspot Page

You can add code to every Hubspot page by going to Content > Content Settings. Placing the code below into the section marked Site Footer HTML.

Place the Tracking Code on the form. Please be aware that the code below will not work unless you change the Site ID to the value you get from the code generated by your Salesforce org. This value is highlighted in yellow below. Other than changing the site ID, the code can be copied directly into Hubspot 
‚Äč<script src="//" type="text/javascript"></script>
<script src="//" type="text/javascript"></script>
<script type="text/javascript">try{ clicky.init(100547279); }catch(e){}</script>        
<script type="text/javascript"> 
            var da_data =daddy_init('{"da_token":"da_token","da_url":"da_form_filled_url"}');
            var clicky_custom = {session: {DaddyAnalytics: da_data}};     

Check your Lead in Salesforce

Check your test Lead in Salesforce. When the Lead is created in Salesforce, two fields should be filled in, the DA Token and the DA Form Filled (the DA Token may not be on your page layout).

If you see the lead but not these two fields, check that this is the right lead. If it is, check the record in Hubspot to make sure the Token and Form Filled are populated in Hubpost. If they are, check the field mapping of Hubspot to Salesforce in Hubspot Contact Settings.

If you see the lead and only these two fields, this might be OK if the Lead was just created. We sync every 15 minutes with our backend web analytics to see if the web visitor matching the token has been processed by our API yet. You can either wait 15-30 minutes, or click the Daddy Analytics Update button on the Lead page layout (you might have to add it to your page layout).

If after 30 minutes you see the Lead with just those two fields filled in and nothing else, please file a case with support and we'll take a look at this for you.


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