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FormAssembly - Form Setup Instructions

Last Updated: Jul 04, 2013 05:49PM BST
It's important to use just one FormAssembly form on your website to collect your leads, though you can use this same form on multiple pages of your website. Daddy Analytics will collect info on everything as long as you are only using one FormAssembly form (even if this single form is on every page of your website).

If you have two or more different forms in FormAssembly that you want to use to track your leads, please contact Daddy Analytics support.

With FormAssembly, you can either create a new form or use an existing form. Add two hidden fields to that form:

Form Assembly - Add Hidden Field

The name of the hidden fields is not essential, but we suggest you call them DA Token and DA Web to Lead URL

Form Assembly - Form Builder

You'll next want to configure your form to connect to Salesforce. If this is an existing form, you may have already done so.

Form Assembly - Salesforce Connector

Map all the fields to Salesforce.

Form Assembly - Map Fields to Salesforce

The last step is to see what the names of those two hidden fields are. While you might have called them DA Token and DA Web to Lead URL, FormAssembly will give those fields another name. Take a look at the HTML that FormAssembly provides, and look for two hidden fields in that form. The spacing will be a bit different than below, but the content will be similar.

Form Assembly - TFA field names for Hidden Fields

You'll see that FormAssembly hasn't given the hidden fields names that are easily recognizable, like DA_Token. Instead, it just called those two fields tfa_3 and tfa_4. Your field names will probably be different, but usually take the format tfa_##

Copy and paste those field names into our 4 line JavaScript tracking cookie (which should be on every page), removing the text that starts 00N...

Below is an example of what the JavaScript would look like IF the field names were as above, tfa_3 and tfa_4. Your JavaScript will look a bit different.

Form Assembly - Updated Javascript Tracking Code
That should be it!

Remember that when testing, we only track originating information (like Adwords, or referring website) at the beginning of the session. So you might want to open up a new browser when you test your form.

Form Hosting

If you want to host the forms on FormAssembly (where your forms are accessible at then you'll need to contact Daddy Analytics support.

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